New & Cool Products

Sirius Raw Food

 Ask us  about our newest line of raw, frozen food - SIRIUS.  Made in NY State with fresh ingredients and no added water.  Available in Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Tri-Bleend, Rabbit and Duck.

Monthly Monitor

Want to know if your cat might have a urinary tract issue but don't want to spend $$$ at the vet?  Try Monthly Monitor, a litterbox additive that turns colors depending on the Ph in your cat's urine.  Try for a special introductory price of just $5.99

L.E.D. Vest & Bandana

The perfect product for those who like to walk their dog at night or in a woods and want their dog to be easily seen.  The vest and the bandana both light up at the press of a button.  Lights can be blinking or not depending on preference.  Manufactured by Kurgo Pet Products.  Plus we have them on sale!